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Satta Matka, Matka gaming, or satta batta began in the 1950s, shortly prior to India's independence. Previously, it was known as "Ankada Jugar." Satta Matka developed over time and became quite different from its original form, but its name remained the same. Modern Matka gambling/SattaMatka is based on the selection of random numbers and betting.

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Today Fix Number Motor Patti
1 0 8 9 245790
Jodi (Bracket) Cycle Patti
14 08 86 94 24-29
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(03:00 PM 05:00 PM)
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(03:35 PM 05:35 PM)

(04:20 PM 06:20 PM)
(07:00 PM 08:00 PM)

(08:30 PM 10:30 PM)
(08:30 PM 10:30 PM)
(08:45 PM 10:45 PM)
(09:00 PM 11:00 PM)
(09:20 PM 11:25 PM)
(09:35 PM 11:36 PM)

(09:35 PM 12:00 AM)

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DATE - 26/09/2023
SRIDEVI- {5}✓ close pass 
TIME BAZAR-{3}✓ close pass
MADHUR DAY- {1}✓ close pass 
RAJDHANI DAY- {8}✓ Open pass
MILAN DAY-{7}✓ close pass
KALYAN- {6}✓ open  pass 
SRIDEVI NIGHT-(5) close Pass✓
MADHUR NIGHT-{7}✓ Open pass
MILAN NIGHT-  {0}✓ open  pass
RAJDHANI NIGHT-{0}✓ open pass
KALYAN NIGHT-{5}✓ open pass
MAIN BAZAR-{5}✓ Open pass

Satta Matka Free Samaj Seva
Satta Matka Free Game Daily Posting Free Number
!! Game Update Time !!
Day 02.00 pm
Night 08.00 pm


Free Open To Close
Open: 5-0-3-8
Jodi: 59-04-37-82
Panna: 267-677-337-378

Time Bazar

Free Open To Close
Open: 1-6-8-4
Jodi: 10-65-88-46
Panna: 290-114-260-220

Madhur Day

Free Open To Close
Open: 1-6-4-9
Jodi: 14-64-41-96
Panna: 380-114-220-225

Milan Day

Free Open To Close
Open: 5-0-3-8
Jodi: 56-01-32-87
Panna: 690-118-300-800

Rajdhani Day

Free Open To Close
Open: 1-6-7-5
Jodi: 13-68-77-54
Panna: 290-114-250-230


Free Open To Close
Open: 3-8-5-0
Jodi: 32-87-56-01
Panna: 490-440-230-235


Free Open To Close
Open: 3-7-5-8
Jodi: 37-78-85-53
Panna: 238-278-279-249

Sridevi Night

Free Open To Close
Open: (5)✓-0-3-8
Jodi: 59-05-37-89
Panna: 230-280-120-350
Passing: ( 5) close Pass✓

Madhur Night

Free Open To Close
Open: 2-7-4-9
Jodi: 29-74-47-92
Panna: 200-250-112-117

Milan Night

Free Open To Close
Open: 5-(0)✓-3-8
Jodi: 56-01-39-84
Panna: 690-280-120-350
Passing: ( 0) Open Pass✓

Rajdhani Night

Free Open To Close
Open: 5-(0)✓-3-8
Jodi: 53-08-30-85
Panna: 113-118-670-260
Passing: ( 0) Open Pass✓

Kalyan Night

Free Open To Close
Open: 6-2-4-9
Jodi: 65-20-45-90
Panna: 114-200-446-199


Free Open To Close
Open: 0-9-7-(5)✓
Jodi: 02-98-73-58
Panna: 370-117-340-230
Passing: ( 5) Open Pass✓

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SattaMatka Panel Chart

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To bring in cash from SATTA MATKA, satta matta matka, matka result, satta batta, ruler game all you want is a triumphant satta matka final ank, boss matkà result. There isn't numerical recipe to draw this satta matta matka 143, matka guessing, final ank, dp boss. You will track down numerous Bookies who as indicated by their computations sell their anticipated numbers(madhur bazar, madhur matka, boss matka) to the players. Individuals simply surmise the following number by taking a gander at the old matka satta, matka boss, madhur day, matka 420, satta m, ruler record graph of any game. Thus, they play many tara matka, sattamatkà, atta matka result, golden matka, simultaneously. They charge a major expense for this. In any case, it isn't required that their sattamataka143, fix fix fix satta nambar, madhur morning will be the triumphant number. They likewise surmise in view of their experience and their guesses(sattamatkà result, dp matka, madhur satta matka, worli matka, dp boss net) are commonly right also.

Why you ought to play star matka, madhur night, satta dp boss, 143 matka, kapil matka, satta 420, satta matka net guessing, satta guessing, satt matka satta on the web? On the off chance that we discuss this, the response will be that you ought to play matkaone, sattamattka matka com, madhur day open, bhootnath day result, matka finaĺ today lord online on the grounds that it is not difficult to play satta 220, boss matkà 143, matka satta matka, matka guessing 143(सट्टा किंग) in the Internet world. To keep away from the organization and play matka fast result, 7 matka 143, satta matka matka, sattamatakacom ruler then the Internet world might be a decent choice for you. Since getting an examiner in the web world is difficult. However, let us let you know that this madhur result, satta matka satta matka, matka open, 3 matka 143, sattamatkà 143, madhur day result is unlawful. To play wagering, then, at that point, you will find numerous such applications on Google Play Store or on Apple Store, through which you can play madhurmatka, matka guessing trick 143, 220patti, fixmatka by putting away cash on the web.

Getting For Satta & Matka

Satta Matka (matka 786 guessing, matka live, tara satta), you probably heard this name ordinarily. This name is extremely renowned in India boos matkacom, sona matka 420 (सट्टा किंग) is a sort of lottery game in view of numbers from 00 to 99 which goes under "Betting". The genuine name of this game is Satta Matka, In which "tara matka 420, satta matka come, 420 matka, sattamatkà result today" signifies wagering or betting and "Matka" signifies a pot through which a number is really long. In the Satta Matka game, individuals wage cash on their picked numbers from between 00 to 99. After which, a time bazar guessing, satta matka satta, madhur day matka is long of the pot. Whichever individual's number was long, He would win the award and individuals called him as the dp satta, satta matķa, amar matka, satta dpboss, final matka. Satta Matka Live (सट्टा) isn't the situation, it was the title used to respect the champ of the Satta Matka, madur matka satta com, matka bazar, sattamàtka. In any case, as this game became well known, individuals began knowing it by the name of fix fix 3 ank, all matka, satamatka143, satta matkà results today. Satta lord isn't the situation, it is essentially called dpboss matka 143, bhootnath matka, diamond matka, satta matka fast result(सट्टा) to respect the individual who won the Satta. However, as individuals began playing increasingly more satta, the champ of the Satta was given a title that he would be known as "golden satta, satta fix jodi, k matka, satta boss" and simultaneously individuals began calling this game as SattaMatka. Satta Matka lord resembles a sort of infection. It is played in enormous amounts in the entire nation or in different dialects, say that the wagering has seriously raised a ruckus around town country. Do you have any idea about that under Indian regulation it against the law against the law to play satta m matka, fix satta, satta matka dpboss, kuber matkà, wagering? Yet individuals who dhanlaxmi matka, final ank 143, matka 143 786 are hiden from the organization or police. Indeed, even despite severe principles of organization, individuals attempt to play satta matka madhur on the web. In any case, the fame of playing mataka com, milan day matka, satta matka final in India is expanding step by step. Certain individuals satta matka open,madhur matkà results, simple matka guessing disconnected, certain individuals play Satta game utilizing the Internet. He needs to get rich as fast as conceivable in a brief time frame. To Get matka result live, diamond satta matka, matka or satta mat, 111 143 whether you need to acquire information about satta ka matka, madhur satta bazar, 143 guessing you should peruse this article becouse I will give you complete data pretty much a wide range of satta, benefits or burdens connected with satta final, satta matta matka result, matka boss 440. SattaMatka is likewise called Satta Matka, in light of the fact that in prior times, a great deal of satta matka live, time bazar result, matka guessing 143 24 were placed in the pot, then, at that point, one number was excessively long from the pot. The individual who had that number was announced the victor of Satta matka. Satta Matka is additionally this way. The Matka Result Project Is Milan night matka, satta matka 420 is an unlawful demonstration, where at least 2 individuals begin playing by picking some number as per their desire. In the event that the idea matka game, madhur morning result, satta matka 143 of an individual goes out, he is the champ of this game SATTAMATKA, and that individual wins all the cash.

On the off chance that you also are keen on being familiar with the historical backdrop of Satta Matka, satta matka guessing, matka come, milan day guessingthen you have come to the perfect locations. Satta Matka result began during the 1950s, while the vast majority bet on the opening and shutting costs of cotton, which was then sent from golden satta matka, atka matka satta, sattamataka143 result, milan night guessing Exchange to New York Cotton Exchange, by means of teleprinters. 1. In 1961, when the New York Cotton Exchange prohibited this kind of wagering, then these punters/speculators needed to consider alternate ways of keeping this satta matka Fix Satta Matka Result & dp boos matka com, time bazar matka 420, 100 fix ank, bhootnath satta, satta matka fast business alive. it was the title used to honor the winner of the Satta Matka And Enjoy Forms dpboss Satta Matka, tara satta matka, madhur satta result. But as this game became popular, people started knowing it by the name of dpboss matka result, satta matka jodi/open, milan satta matka, amarmatka.

Important Satta matta Matka

Satta Matka is something other than a game for a couple of fanatics; it is their breath and life. The game isn't played for a particular reason, yet by playing it, you can get something that incorporates your name and distinction. The genuine gamer is one who consolidates SattaMatka into his day to day daily schedule.

It doesn't infer that he should play each SattaMatka game consistently, whether it is Kalyan Matka, Rajdhani Day, Rajdhani Night, Milan Day, Milan Night, Kalyan Night, Main Bazar, Time Bazar, or some other.

Be that as it may, the devoted gamer monitors the result and leads a careful investigation. It is currently conceivable to decipher the mystery of accepting Satta.

Moreover, the gathering page of your most loved SattaMatka stage permits famous industry specialists to share their contemplations and important hints on any of the Satta Matka variations. This genuinely teaches the game's players and makes them more equipped over the long haul.

A considerable lot of you will currently be know about Satta Matka. To lay it out plainly, we are managing an action that is notable to be partaken exhaustively; SattaMatka is a sort of betting. It is very elegant, and countless individuals are appreciating it. This very troublesome game was brought into the world in Bombay, India. It accomplished numerous triumphs by stepping in rapidly sometimes. Inside the time span determined, this game's ubiquity has progressed to a higher level.

Satta Matka's History

With regards to the game's motivation, it was the one begun by Kalyanji Bhagat. He was the essential figure in uncovering the game weight. Besides, the game has been named. There are various games to look over. In any case, kalyan matka has arisen as the most fundamental. The most sultry shot in the dark in India will make you crazy. You will love it in light of its key highlights. If you have any desire to bring in cash quicker and quicker, you should make penances. You will live it up bringing in cash rapidly.

In Indian Matka, kalyan matka is very famous and notable for bringing in cash through Satta. Kalyan matka was established in Mumbai and immediately acquired boundless prominence. Mr. Kalyanji Bhagat and his better half Jaya Bhagatji established the game. Subsequently, this game is known as kalyan matka. The Kalyan Satta Matka has exact open and shut timings. Moreover, at whatever point its data.

How to begin with SattaMatka?

You might be searching for the best tips on the most proficient method to get everything rolling with SattaMatka since you are totally new to the field. You must be cautious in picking the right numbers to wager on.These numbers can bring you large wins. Inside a couple of days you will know the amount to bet on a Satta Matka game and furthermore the triumphant sum. Besides, you likewise have as far as possible inside which you can put down your bet. Playing a few games with modest quantities is better. Attempt to find the games on your own.Before that, you want to keep the Satta Matka outlines of the earlier days. Additionally, ask top Satta players for tips on famous riddle discussions.

How might you come by the aftereffects of SattaMatka?

Hanging tight for your experimental outcomes is equivalent to sitting tight for Matka results. Interest realizes no bounds.Every time your heart beats quicker. It's not unsure; it is absolutely common. The equivalent occurs with everybody in the initial not many days. Each kind of Satta result is declared toward the finish of the game. You shouldn't stress over the result.Please note that the outcomes are declared arbitrarily so you won't have any issues with respect to cheating or preference. Everything relies upon your abundance regardless of whether you win the bet. Whenever you play Matka game you must be exceptionally cautious in picking a dependable and genuine SattaMatka site. One of the primary qualities of a dependable SattaMatka stage is to distribute results rapidly and furthermore on the right premise. Matka scores are generally declared as between the numbers 0 and 99.When your choice is on the rundown you can win alluring monetary rewards to go on with the remainder of the game.

What is Satta Matka?

In Satta Matka Guessing, the digits 0 through 9 were inscribed on pieces of paper and placed in a big clay pitcher called a satta matka. One individual would then draw a slip of paper and announce the winning numbers. The practice evolved with the passage of time, but the term'matka' remained unaltered. Now, three matka numbers are randomly selected from a deck of playing cards. A "Matka Satta" is a person who wins a huge sum of money through Satta Matka gaming. When textile mills began to grow in Mumbai, a large number of mill employees began playing SattaMatka, which led to the development of bookmakers' shops in the mill regions, so transforming Central Mumbai Matka Guessing into the center of the matka industry in Mumbai.

Satta Matka is currently a famous lottery game in India. As a lottery game, it is classified as a game of chance. When you place a wager on the outcome of a certain event, there are additional similarities with sports betting.

The origins of Satta Matka Guessingt

Satta Extra Charts

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How do you begin and view the game's results?

As you begin playing the Satta Matka for the first time, you must exercise caution when selecting the proper bet numbers. These numbers will bring you enormous riches. Later, you should indicate how much you will contribute from playtime to the total amount of money in the account.

As soon as you put your wager, you must then await the results of the Matka Result. Upon conclusion of a game, the results are often announced. Here, we'd like to emphasize that the results are always revealed at random, so you won't have to worry about any form of cheating or favoritism. Whether you will win the betting game depends entirely on your good fortune.

Whenever you intend to engage in a game of Matka, be sure to find a site that is reputable and legitimate. You must ensure that the results are recorded accurately and that they are printed as quickly as possible after the game. Typically, results are delivered between the digits 0 and 99. As the numbers of your choosing are drawn, you can earn incredible rewards to continue playing the game.

A Guide to Satta Matka

Initially, playing Satta Matka blast may appear to be incredibly challenging and perplexing. Because of this, we have produced a detailed instruction on how to play our kalyan matka number. If you properly follow these procedures, you will have a complete understanding of Satta Matka within minutes. Here are some helpful suggestions: We also present several charts to assist you in winning games and achieving success. At Matka center, you receive live updates on the most recent events in your city, such as what is occurring where? What is occurring where? Who is arriving? Where are they headed? What is their purpose there? Satta Matka Center provides all of these facts with live updates.

Create Account on Reputable Websites

Numerous reputable websites provide online Satta Matka Result play. You can begin practicing with these sites. These websites offer a user-friendly layout, so you will have no trouble playing SattaMatka on them. These websites provide several packages, from which you may pick according to your convenience. However, you should not invest more than you can afford to lose. If you win, it is a positive thing; otherwise, there is no purpose in wasting money. It is preferable to play on a smaller budget as opposed to going crazy and spending a great deal of money on gambling out of passion.

How to Make Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposit and withdrawal are two crucial components of the Satta Matka. There are several deposit and withdrawal options accessible, including Credit/Debit card, Internet banking, mobile wallets, etc. You may select whichever payment option is most convenient and secure for you. Each technique has been discussed in depth so that you can easily comprehend it and make an informed decision when depositing or withdrawing funds from the Satta Matka Guessing website.

Pay Gratuities (System)

Knowing how to play a game, especially Satta Matka, is the greatest method to win. In Satta Matka, you may purchase tips that explain all you need to know about the game's mechanics in order to get a competitive advantage over other players. Pay for Gratuities (Lotto): You should constantly consult lottery tips since there are frequently recurring trends that might aid in number prediction.

Tips for beginning to play Satta Matka

Satta Matka is without a doubt one of the most prominent and well-known betting games that has gained new popularity in recent years. If you choose to attempt your luck in this Satta Matka, you need also seek expert guidance. This game will allow you to effortlessly go closer to the victory platform.

Be cautious while choosing correct figures. You should not randomly select a number. It is always vital to spend the money appropriately in order to earn the greatest portion of the Kalyan Matka's cash pool. Consequently, the pick of the number and the element of chance will determine your winnings. In order to earn the highest cash prize in the Indian Matka, it is also vital to invest with a smaller amount of money in order to gain experience. Remember that your number selection and luck affect your wins. Make sure you invest less money. Wait for the uterine test result to be posted online.


When evaluating the popularity of lottery games, one must not overlook Satta Matka 's highly addictive character. Each week, the game makes several millionaires overnight. There are, however, a handful of people that suffer substantial weekly losses by playing the game. Each player must thus understand how to play Satta Matka without suffering enormous financial losses. This article will cover everything from the fundamentals of the Matka Boss to advanced techniques that can help you win more games.

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हम सट्टा मटका बाजार में इतने लोकप्रिय क्यों हैं

लंबी अवधि के दौरान, सट्टा मटका का परिणाम विकसित हुआ है। इस परिवर्तन के साथ, यह निश्चित रूप से एक चैंपियन सट्टा मटका संख्या में बदल गया है, इसलिए यह एक साथ बंद हो जाता है, यह निश्चित रूप से एक अभिन्न कारक बन जाता है। कम से कम कठिन घटक जो पहले की तरह जारी रहा, उसे वर्ष के भीतर चुनाव में समायोजित किया गया। समकालीन गेमर या आमतौर पर सट्टा मटका के रूप में संदर्भित अनियमित वर्गीकरण और एक खेल की लालसा पर निर्भर करता है। इन सट्टा मटका एक विस्तृत है। हिंदी और भारत में "लॉटरी" को संबोधित करने के लिए इस्तेमाल किया जाने वाला शब्द। इसकी कुख्याति के कारण, सट्टा मटका खेल को वर्तमान में सट्टा मटका परिणाम लाइव के रूप में भी जाना जाता है। बस हमारे दिशानिर्देशों का पालन करें और तुरंत वेब पर खेलना शुरू करें। इस साइट से सभाओं में सट्टा मटका खेल से संबंधित पूछताछ का अनुरोध किया जा सकता है और हमारे सहायता समूह का एक व्यक्ति जल्द से जल्द जवाब देगा।

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